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Various dynamic and interactive Algorithm Visualizations using vanilla JavaScript.

Python Package

A fully documented python package to generate summary from the given chunk of text based on TF-IDF score.

Face Emotion Detection
Using Deep Learning

A custom CNN was built to classify what emotion a face represents of various people.

Tweet Emotion Detection
Multi Class Classification

Multiple emotions are extracted from each given tweet. App deployed to heroku.

SN Report to PDF
Browser extension

An open-source chrome extension that provides a way to export Servicenow reports to high-quality PDF.

Predicting Lap Time
Machinehack Dare in reality challenge

Building a machine learning model that predicts the Envision Racing lap times.

Acheivements & Certifications:


For the tweet emotion detection project we were awarded 4th place from over 7342 participants in AITHON.


Natural Language Processing with Classification and Vector Spaces from


Natural Language Processing with Probabilistic Models from

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